Type A - Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin.

Type A is the collaboration of Adam Ames and Andrew Bordwin.

Using a variety of media, Type A explores the ways in which men compete, challenge and play, and the resulting social and psychological imbalance. Documenting predetermined actions toward a series of goals, the results of their works range from psychologically disarming to profoundly absurd.

Though competition runs through every element of existence, the demand put upon men to be competitive can be especially severe. This is initiated in childhood and continuously intensified. If one is “type a,” then these challenges are not only expected but also necessary to the definition of one’s character. Type A both meets these demands and comments on their consequences.

In addition to antithetical positions adopted by men to survive and succeed, Type A also explores the collaborative process. In true collaboration, drive transcends competition and becomes a unifying force. Individual force, an integral part of teamwork, can flourish even when the end result is a blurring of the self.

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